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Dream Hall Moving Forward

Dream Hall at 51 has come to an amicable agreement with Tyrrell Tomlin of Elgin Area Table LLC and the Elgin Area Tap Room, all suits filled by Dream Hall at 51 have been dropped as part of the agreement. “The out of court settlement has resolved all of our business differences and we no longer hold any business claims over each other,” said Echevarria. The Elgin Area Tap, operated by Tomlin since May, will vacate the building at 51 S. […]

The Fresh and Local RX Program

A Prescription for Produce?  It’s a well-known fact that the overall health of our country could use some help. As our society continues to urbanize and modernize, we get further away from the farm both geographically and intuitively. The less we know about the foods that come from the Earth, at least before they’re processed beyond recognition, the less we understand how these foods can heal us and keep us healthy. CSA programs, or community-supported agriculture, have grown in popularity […]

The Apple Has Its Day

The Great Apple Crunch of 2018 In early 2018 the team at Dream Distributors started working on a plan to get involved with a Great Lakes initiative called The Great Apple Crunch. The team worked with representatives from Seven Generations Ahead and Kuipers Family Farm in the early planning stages. With an enthusiastic team in place the task of reaching out to school districts began. East Aurora immediately expressed an interest in this farm-to-school event and thus the next phase […]